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Who is Rover and Rover?

Rover and Rover is owned and operated by a long time dog lover Marta Wajngarten. As a child Marta was told she wasn’t allowed to own a dog, so she did the next best thing. She read all she could about them and volunteered any chance she had to help take care of other people’s dogs. After working as a dog walker for a small West end company, Marta started her own company and in 1998 turned her passion into a business offering dog walking and dog boarding services in select central Toronto neighborhoods. What started out as a part time fun venture to help pay university bills,  quickly snowballed into a very successful full time business. Marta left university to focus on her growing business and doing what she loved, and hasn’t looked back since.

Always having a keen interest in behaviour modification, Marta has trained in a multitude of dog sports and disciplines including Rally-O, Agility, Flyball, DockDiving, Schutzhund, French Ring, and PSA and regularly attends various dog training events, seminars, and courses to better her knowledge of dog training and behaviour.  Marta has fostered various rescue dogs and has raised, trained, and placed a number of dogs currently employed by private and government K9 agencies. Marta currently offers behavioural and training consultations on a limited bases to existing Rover and Rover clients as well as training enthusiasts. 

Some of the trainers with whom Marta has had the pleasure of training with or has taken a course or seminar with include: 

Andre Yeu, When Hounds Fly, Canada (clicker training)

Barry Connell, USA (police K9, detection)

Bart Bellon, Belgium (protection sports, multiple times NVBK Champion)

Bob Bailey, USA (applied animal behaviour)

Chad Byerly, USA (force free protection sports)

Christopher Rollox, Gemini K9, Canada (IPO)

Dave Walker, Command Response Dogs, Canada (search and rescue, obedience, behaviour modification)

Denise Fenzi, Fenzi Sports Academy, USA (sport detection, obedience)

Dominick Donovan, USA (personal protection, protection sports)

Fanny Gott, Sweden (obedience)

Fred Labrousse, Canada (French Ring)

Forrest Micke, USA (protection sports)

Greg Whelehan, USA (police K9)

Grisha Stewart, USA (behaviour modification, BAT)

Greg Williams, Metropolitan K9, USA (PSA)

Guy Penning, Belgium (foce free protection sports, clicker training)

Hennie Bolster, Holland (police K9, multiple times KNPV Champion)

Herve Mauvanga, France (French Ring)

Heather McLeod, Ruff Sports, Canada (agility, flyball, dock diving)

Ivo Hoevers, Holland (KNPV)

Jason Davis, USA (French Ring)

Jessica Martin, Canada (agility)

Jerry Bradshaw, USA: (police k9, PSA)

Joanne Fleming-Plumb, Canada (IPO)

Joan Weston, Fangs But No Fangs, Canada (behaviour modification)

John Bayreuther, Canada (French Ring)

Joseph Cinnante, USA (French Ring, personal protection, special assistance dogs)

Karin Apfel, Canada: (sport detection)

Katherine Ferger, Canada (applied animal behaviour, clicker training)

Kim Cullen, Canada (agility)

Lance Collins, Canada (IPO)

Leo Hui, Canada (Rally-O)

Lucinda Glenny, Canada (obedience)

Mario Ancic, Canada (protection sports, military K9, detection)

Martin Kreft, Holland (police k9, KNPV)

Mario Verslype, Belgium (IPO, multiple times world Champion)

Michael Lorraine, USA (IPO, personal protection, police k9, special assistance dogs)

Mike Suttle, Loganhaus Kennels, USA (police, military, and special forces K9)

Pando Stepanis, Canada (IPO)

Paul Ludwig, Irondog K9, USA (police K9, K9 SWATT)

Parvene Farhoody, USA (applied animal behaviour)

Renee de Villiers, Canada (agility, clicker training)

Sam Edmonds, Kennel Van Mayhem, USA (police K9)

Sean Siggins, USA: PSA (police K9, PSA)

Shade Whitesel, USA (IPO)

Susan Garrett, Canada (agility)

Tony Pallota, Working K9s, Canada (protection sports)

Waleed Maalouf, USA (behaviour modification, French Ring)

Wayne Dodge, USA (police, military, and special forces K9)

Some of the classes, courses, seminars, and workshops Marta has attended in person include:


Schutzhund Seminar with Lance Collins, Toronto, ON; full weekend


Search and Rescue Tracking Seminar with Dave Walker, Oakville, ON; one day

Dog Aggression Control Workshops and Classes with Dave Walker, Oakville, ON; multiple days


Reactive Rover Seminar by Joan Weston, Ajax, ON; one day

Rally-O with Lucinda Glenny, Markham, ON; multiple days


Obedience with Pando Stepanis, Brampton, ON; multiple days

Obedience with Renee de Villiers, Toronto, ON; multiple days

Sport Foundations with Heather McLeod, Toronto, ON; multiple days

Flyball with Heather McLeod, Toronto, ON; multiple days

Agility with Heather McLeod, Toronto, ON; multiple days

Rally-O with Leo Hui, Toronto, ON; multiple days


French Ring Seminar with Fred Labrousse, Sudbury, ON; full weekend

French Ring Seminar with Waleed Maalouf, Waterbury, CT; multiple weekends

French Ring Seminar and Decoy Camp with Herve Mauvanga, Montreal, QC; 5 days

Police Dog Training Seminar with Hennie Bolster, Rochester, NY; 4 days

French Ring Seminar with Paul Ciperon, Beaverton, ON; full weekend

KNPV Seminar with Hennie Bolster, Beaton, ON; full weekend

Schutzhund with Joanne Fleming Plumb, New Lowell, ON; full weekend

Sport Detection with Karin Apfel, Newmarket, ON; one day

Agility with Jessica Martin, Toronto, ON; multiple days

Record Keeping for Performance Dog Training Seminar with Kim Cullen, Toronto, ON; one day

Foundation Skills with Andre Yeu, Toronto, ON; multiple days

Training Seminar with Bart Bellon, Fredericksburg, VA; full weekend

Clicker Training for Protection Sports with Guy Penning, Columbus, OH; 3 days

Police Dog Training Seminar with Hennie Bolster, Franklin, NJ; 3 days

Operant Conditioning Seminar with Bob Bailey and Parvene Farhody, NJ; full weekend

BAT Seminar with Grisha Stewart, Toronto, ON; full weekend

Police Dog Training Seminar with Martin Kreft, Binbrook, ON, full weekend

PSA Seminar with Greg Williams, Rochester, NY; one day


Sport Detection Seminar with Karin Apfel, Barrie, ON; one day

French Ring Seminar with Fred Labrousse, Aurora, ON; full weekend

Training Seminar and Workshop with Bart Bellon, Fredericksburg, VA; 7 days

French Ring Seminar with Fred Labrousse, King City, ON; full weekend

Chicken Camp Workshop with Katherine Ferger, Barrie, ON; full weekend

Schutzhund Seminar with Mario Verlype, Columbus, OH; 5 days

PSA Seminar with Jeff Riccio, Chicago, IL; full weekend

PSA Decoy Camp, Baltimore, MD; full weekend

PSA Seminar with Jerry Bradshaw, PA; full weekend


PSA Seminar with Sean Siggins, Beaton, ON; full weekend

Clicker Expo, various trainers including Karen Pryor, Kathy Sdao, Ken Ramirez, Michele Pouliot, Kay Laurence, Emma Parsons, Laura VanArendonk Baugh , Norfolk, VA; 3 days

Protection Sports Seminar with Ivo Hoevers, Welland, ON; full weekend

Protection Sports Seminar with Greg Williams, Toronto, ON; full weekend

Search and Rescue, and Detection Seminar with Mike Suttle, Syracuse, NY; full weekend


Detection Seminar with Mike Suttle, Hamilton, ON; full weekend

Training Seminar with Shade Whitsel, Barrie, ON; full weekend


Training Seminar with Bart Bellon, Palm Beach, FL; full weekend

Operant Conditioning Workshop with Mike Suttle, WV; 5 days

Some of the courses, seminars, and presentations Marta has participated in remotely or viewed a recording of include:

Training Drive, Focus, and Grip by Ed Frawley with Bernhard Flinks

Training a Competition Heeling Dog by Ed Frawley with Tom Rose

Training Tracking Dogs for Police and SAR by Ed Frawley

Training the Competition Tracking Dog by Ed Frawley

Training Building Searches for Police Service Dogs by Ed Freawley

The Power of Training With Markers by Michael Ellis

The Power of Training With Food by Michael Ellis

The Power of Playing Tug by Michael Ellis

Advanced Concepts in Motivation by Michael Ellis

Finishing Work by Michael Ellis

Focused Heeling by Michael Ellis

Foundations of Object Guard by Michael Ellis

Teaching the Recall by Michael Ellis

The Foundations of Puppy Bitework by Michael Ellis

Training Jumps by Michael Ellis

Training Protection Skills Without a Decoy by Michael Ellis

Training the Retrieve by Michael Ellis

Training the Sendaway by Michael Ellis

The Game by Ivan Balabanov

Obedience Without Conflict by Ian Balabanov

The Possession Games by Ivan Balabanov

Engagement Skills by Forrest Micke

Foundations of Competitive Working Dogs: Tracking, by Joanne Fleming-Plumb

Canine Aggression and the Basics of Bitework by Dr. Stewart Hilliard

Temperament Evaluations by Barbara Handelman

Teaching Scent Discrimination and the Directed Retrieve by Diane Bauman

Around the Clock Method of Scent Discrimination by Janice Demello

Crate Games by Susan Garrett

Success With One Jump by Susan Garrett

2x2 by Susan Garrett

Puppy Jumping by Susan Salo

Foundation Jumping by Susan Salo

Advanced Jumping by Susan Salo

Agility Foundations by Greg Derrett

Great Dog, Shame About the Handler by Greg Derrett

Contacts, Bridging the Gap by Rachel Sanders

Reliable Running A Frames by Rachel Sanders

2o2o Made Easy by Rachel Sanders

Sizzling Seesaws by Jen Pinder

Control Unlished by Leslie McDevitt

BAT For Fear And Aggression by Grisha Stewart

Give Them a Scalpel and They Will Dissect a Kiss by Dr. Ian Dunbar

Tricks For Better Thinking Skills by Silvia Trkman

Tricks For Balance, Strength, and Coordination by Silvia Trkman

Tricks For a Greater Bond by Silvia Trkman

Ready Steady Go by Silvia Trkman

Cik Cap by Silvia Trkman

Heeling Is Just Another Trick by Silvia Trkman

Tracking by Steve White

Police Canine Techniques by Steve White

HIT Tracking by Steve White

On Target Detection by Randy Hare

Reinforcement Strategies by Ken Ramirez

Problem Solving by Ken Ramirez

The Fundamentals of Animal Training by Bob Bailey

Patient Like the Chipmunks by Bob Bailey

Operant Conditioning, Training The Animal Trainer by Bob Bailey

Advanced Clicker Training by Kathy Sdao

Cujo Meets Pavlov by Kathy Sdao

Does the Name Pavlov Ring a Bell by Kathy Sdao

Get SMART For Dog Sports by Kathy Sdao

Improve Your I-Cue by Kathy Sdao

So Many Choices by Kathy Sdao

What Not To Err by Kathy Sdao

Frustration and Failure Presentation for ABMA by Susan Garrett

Recallers Course by Susan Garrett, multiple years

Puppy Peaks Course by Susan Garrett, multiple years

Shaping a Difference Course by Susan Garrett

Precision Heeling Course by Denise Fenzi

Nosework Foundations Course by Denise Fenzi

Foundations Skills Course by Fanny Gott

Obedience Course by Fanny Gott

Baby Athos watching the daycare dogs play. Currently on active K9 duty with Kentucky State Police


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