Your dog’s home away from home
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Safe exercise, fun, and socialization!

The biggest benefit of using a good Daycare service is the fact that your dog remains in a safe controlled environment and is exposed only to dogs who have been screened for appropriate temperament and good health. Unlike in public dog parks, care is taken to ensure the environment is sanitary and that other dogs participating are not aggressive or otherwise show predatory or bullying behaviours. If any play becomes too rough for one of the dogs, a skilled care taker will always intervene appropriately. You may have heard of trainers speak out against daycares and sadly the poorly operated ones can pose just as much risk to your dog as an uncontrolled dog park with one difference, you’re being charged money for it. At Rover And Rover we take great pride in ensuring that our environment and acceptance procedure have your dog’s best interest in mind. Because of this strong commitment we are one of few daycare and boarding businesses in Toronto recommended by reputable training and veterinary professionals who recognize the importance and the catastrophic results of a poor daycare environment.

Your dog’s day begins with a complimentary pick up from your home. Every day with us includes plenty of fun and exercise in our very large, fully fenced, and doggy proof yard. Quieter dogs can watch all the action from the comfort of the raised and gated lounging deck. Sunbathing or taking naps in one of cozy shady spots, or taking a dip in a doggy pool are just some of the other ways your dog will pass their time.

We offer comfy doggy beds to nap on, fun toys to play with, yummy treats, but more importantly friends!  Shy dogs and dogs with special needs are always welcomed.  We are very familiar with all of the modern training protocols to help dogs become the best they can be. We have helped many doggies become more comfortable around other dogs, even blossom into social butterflies.  We always incorporate simple obedience exercises and fun games into your dog’s stay with us.  At the end of the day the tired pooches are delivered back home. 

Our daycare service is available only Monday through Friday in select Toronto neighbourhoods and includes complimentary pick up and drop off. We do not accept client drop offs for our daycare service.  We do not accept out of town clients for our daycare service if a consultation meeting can not be first arranged.


Unless otherwise discussed, all of our services are on a prepaid basis only. Our daycare service is available on a pay as you go basis or you have the option of purchasing prepaid packages in order to take advantage of bulk discounts. Each new client is entitled to one trial day per dog of Daycare at the rate of $30 per dog per day and one day of trial Boarding at the rate of $45 per dog per day.  Due to the small nature of our business and limited availability we do not offer multiple dog discounts.  We do allow multiple dogs in the same house hold to share the use of a single prepaid package.  Otherwise all prepaid packages are non transferable. All prepaid packages sold are non refundable except within 10 days of the original purchase. All prepaid packages are valid for a predetermined term from the date of purchase.


  1 Day, valid for 1 month:  $40

  5 Days, valid for 4 months: $190  ($38 per day)

10 Days, valid for 6 months: $350  ($35 per day)

20 Days, valid for 6 months: $660  ($33 per day)

Guinness loving life

Having Bo in daycare takes away the guilt of leaving him home alone all day and enables me to relax and not have to rush home after work.  I know he’s in good hands and he comes home both excited and exhausted after a long day of socializing.  He really loves it.   - Jennifer O.

Bart, our energetic Vizsla, is always delighted to see Marta, which is probably the most important testimonial for their services.   For us humans, the best part of the R&R services is its reliability.  We have trusted them to look after our big baby for years and they have never let us down.    - Phil S.

I am so pleased with your services, you really listen to the owners and that makes all the difference in the care of the dog. Thank you for being so patient with me having my "mommy hysteria".  I can't wait for Costaud to go again next week and enjoy the other dogs again.   - Karrie T.

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Please note that as of January 2017 we are no longer offering any of our services. 

If you are looking for a dog service provider in the Toronto area, please visit the TORONTO DOGS Group on Facebook and post an inquiry.

From the bottom of my heart, Thank You all for the countless amazing memories, the happy and sad moments we shared together, and your ongoing support through out the many years.

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